Turok remaster releasing to Xbox One

The Turok remaster by Night Dive Studios released December 2015 is now releasing on Xbox one. Its kind of funny in a way, well if you think about it. Turok Dinosaur Hunter originally released for Nintendo 64 first (console) then later it released for PC. Now in this time Turok remaster first released on PC and is now going over to console.

Night Dive Studios said they are in talks with the other consoles. But it looks like Xbox is the only one that has taken the bait so far. I’m really happy to see it make it on to consoles though. Even though I think the PC version has the most to offer. It would be really nice to see Nintendo bite so Turok can be back where it originally started that would be pretty interesting news. I will be telling my Xbox friends all about this one 😉

If you want to read more about this check it out here


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