Top 10 Zelda Characters

It’s no surprise by now that I’m a huge Legend of Zelda fan. This series has to many colorful characters that you’d be hard pressed to find one that didn’t pique your interest just a little bit. Let’s take a look my top 10 favorites from the franchise and try to figure out why I like ‘em so darn much.

#10 Nabooru

This Gerudo gal from Ocarina of Time might seem a bit harsh but… well… I mean I could pretend like I had a really good reason for putting her on the list. In reality, I just thought she was hot. I’d say don’t judge me but I think this is pretty good grounds for judgement so go right ahead. It’s not like it’ll make her any less hot. However, hotness can only get you so far, as is evidenced by being so low on the list.

#9 Zelda

For similar reasons to Nabooru, although I’d also call Zelda beautiful as well as hot, I put this babe on here a little higher because she’s also a very important part of the series, going so far as to be the namesake even though she isn’t even in every game! Now THAT is some recognition. But let’s face it, regardless of what iteration of the princess you fell in love with, you know you always had a secret little crush on this cutie. That… or I’m just a perv. Take your pick.

#8 Happy Mask Salesman

See? Not all of my picks are hot girls. Here we switch it up with a creepy dude. While you can find him in Ocarina of Time first, he didn’t work his way into our nightmares until Majora’s Mask. He’s the man you’re tasked with helping as he heals your curse. He also knows a lot about these masks. Just who IS this mysterious man? I begin to wonder if he’s even real. You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?

#7 Ganon

He’s the original evil emperor that dates back to the first Zelda game. This demonic pig beast boasts many forms throughout the games, but rest assured that when you come face to face with this ugly oinker you’re in for a REAL fight. So swing that Master Sword true and slice him up good. Porkchop sandwiches!

#6 Pamela

If you’re like me, you had to look up this little girl’s name afterward to remember it. Then again, if you’re like me then you’ll never forget the amazing things this girl has been through in Majora’s Mask. If you don’t know, then play it. It’s a main story point so you can’t miss it and I wouldn’t dare spoil it. I made me tear up. I guess it’s more about that moment, but the way this girl handles these things is truly heart wrenching.

#5 Anju

Okay, we get it. This guy likes Majora’s Mask. This character is another one that is amazing. Her tragic love story and outright devotion to her fiancé, who also was a contender for this slot, makes her admirable. And having her be a pretty girl makes her steal the slot for sure! I don’t want to give away too much on this one either, but rest assured that seeing this side quest through is well worth your time as it’s one of the most moving things I’ve experienced in a video game.

#4 Midna

In Twilight Princess, this mysterious creature free your wolfie self from a prison cell. She then decides to ride along with you so that you can help one another. You need her to find out how to become human again, and she needs you to save her people. This mutual bond through a story point not only makes her a compelling character but also lessens the burden of her being your in-game strategy guide. And something about that confident little smirk makes her kinda sexy… for a feminine nightmare creature girl. But hey, she later turns into a sexy human-looking girl for like, a minute so you get a slight pass on that dirty little fantasy you know you had before. Unless that was just me… in which case…

#3 Skull Kid

This antagonist of Majora’s Mask isn’t just a simple evil force that’s evil for the sake of being evil. Instead, this is kid that got rejected from the other kids in Clock Town because he played one too many pranks on them. In his exile, he finds a mask that gives him extraordinary powers. He then uses his powers to bring down the moon on the town, not realizing that it’s going to destroy the entire world, including him. Why? Because he’s just a kid. He doesn’t know any better. This is what makes him so interesting as a villain because you can even end up sympathizing with this piece of shit that stole your ocarina, killed your horse, and transformed you into a monster. It’d sure be nice to at least give him a good smack in return though…

#2 Ganondorf

He’s the human form of Ganon. This evil Gerudo king first appeared in Ocarina of Time, where he was basically the embodiment of evil. Something about having man be your most evil enemy is really unsettling. Also, it’s a bit easier to work him into different scenarios and set pieces if he’s a human form rather than a giant pig monster… thing. He’s cool, damn it!

#1 Link

Was there ever any doubt? Well… maybe at the start you thought it’d be another hot girl, so I’ll give you that one. Link is the main character. He goes around slaying beasts, solving puzzles, and saving princesses. Plus, he has the whole green tunic, sword and shield thing going on that’s rather iconic by now. Whether he’s a kid, an adult, or a cartoon character, Link is the legend we all want to be.

Disagree with my picks? Have your own favorites you want to share? Well do it in the comments! I’d love to see who your favorite characters are and why. I’m sorry my picks don’t all have the best reasoning, but it’s something. Oh, and special thanks to anyone who made the artwork. It was on the Google image search so if you’re seeing this and you’d like me to give you some proper credit and links and whatnot or if you want your images removed, just let me know. Don’t wanna step on any toes. I thought it was fun and interesting anyway. Thanks for reading and be sure to include your favorites in the comments. Except Tingle. I will not accept Tingle.


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