Top 10 Super Smash Bros Characters Wishlist

We’ve all got characters we’d love to see enter into the fray in Smash Bros. In fact, many of you already have your own personal lists like this. Well I’d like to share my top 10 picks for characters I’d like to see in the future of Smash Bros. A challenger approaches!

#10 Waluigi

Oh, so he’s good enough to toss into the Mario sports games, Mario Kart, Mario Party… all this side shit. But apparently Waluigi isn’t good enough to put into Smash Bros, let alone his own game. Not that we need more representatives from the Mario universe, but make Dr. Mario a Mario skin like he should be and free up the slot for Waluigi to come in and throw around his unique style for a change. WAA!

#9 Bomberman

Bomberman has been in plenty of games. He has a lot of different abilities to bring as a character and a decent universe to turn into assist trophies, items, and stages alike. Plus, Bomberman was a pretty popular game on the NES, right? So he has some history with Nintendo. Why not? He’d be a blast!

#8 Proto Man

If Mega Man remains a mainstay, why not expand on the universe with one of the other memorable robots from the series? Proto Man could have some similar moves along with some fancy shield work. Besides, he’s cool.

#7 King K. Rool

Speaking of having more representatives from the included franchises, why not include the king of the kremlings? There could be a rights thing, but he showed up as a trophy, so maybe not? He’s also an important part of the DK history. I mean, it’s not like Mr. Game & Watch or R.O.B. are showing up in their own new games anymore. Maybe they just don’t want to detract from the more current direction of Donkey Kong Country Returns. But he could throw his crown, shoot cannonballs… do… boxing? If we’ve got Bowser, Ganondorf, and King Dedede then surely we can include this killer crocodile.

#6 Simon Belmont

Castlevania has been an NES staple for ages. So who better to represent the series than Simon Belmont himself? With his whip, spells, and secondary items he could bring a nice moveset to the game. Hell, if Little Mac can be made to platform, so can Simon. Plus, imagine the cool levels and awesome music he could bring along with him. Sure would make a tad more sense than bringing in Snake if you ask me but… well I’m me.

#5 X

From the Mega Man X series, he’s another option in expanding the Mega Man influence in the Smash Bros games. He could sport similar moves to Mega Man, but have his own unique twist on them with all the X abilities of those robot masters. Bring the robot reploid into the ring for some rocking fun… or something.

#4 Amy Rose

I could tell you this is a pick to expand on the Sonic representation in the game, but most of you would probably want someone more fitting like Tails, Knuckles, or Shadow. So why pick Amy? Because she’s cute as fuck! Not at all about wanting to stick my di…

#3 Shovel Knight

Represent the indie scene with one of the most popular indie titles in recent history. Shovel Knight is so popular that it has gotten digital and physical releases on major systems AND has even gone so far as to have an amiibo modeled after the titular character. With shoveling and relics as moves, along with some amazing music, Shovel Knight sounds like a perfect fit for the Smash Bros roster. Get on it, Nintendo!

#2 Paper Luigi

Sure, you could say Paper Mario would work better for the slot, but we’ve already got Mario and Dr. Mario hogging up spaces. Besides, Luigi is WAY cooler than Mario. Paper Luigi would make a significant change to Luigi’s moves and fighting style while still having the Uig Man’s charm. Oh yeh, Luigi like a-dat!

#1 Banjo-Kazooie

I figure Banjo and Kazooie would work as a single unit in the game as they do in their source material. Think of them as functioning somewhat similar to Duck Hunt, with two characters working together as one. I mean, I love the bear and bird since they’re in my favorite game of all time. And there’s plenty of love for them still around. If we can have outdated characters like Game & Watch or Duck Hunt still clinging on with their classic appeal, then Banjo and Kazooie can easily jump in with their strong presence in the hearts of many. Yooka-Laylee could possibly spawn a revival of 3D platformer collect-a-thons, which could in turn inspire a new Banjo-Kazooie game in this style to surface, which would make their inclusion relevant again. And as for the idea that they can’t be in because they don’t belong to Nintendo, well we’ve got Mega Man, Pac-Man, Snake, Sonic, Ryu, and Cloud to poke some big holes in that theory. But it’s Microsoft, so why would THEY want to help Nintendo after buying up Rare to keep those IPs away from the competition? Well, if they were willing to sink a shitload of money into buying Minecraft just to turn around and release a version on the Wii U, I think they’re open to the idea of profit. Just make Banjo-Kazooie a DLC character with their own Spiral Mountain stage included and I’ll buy that up in a heartbeat. Everybody wins. For the love of fuck, PUT THEM INTO SMASH BROS ALREADY!!!

Well, those are my picks. What are yours? Why? Let me know in that comments section. The discussion is always fun, as is just the activity of thinking about these kinds of things. Let’s just hope our wishes come true once the next game comes around. If nothing else, I hope you enjoyed reading these, and hey, thanks for reading.

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