The NEW Legend of Zelda… FINALLY!

Nintendo FINALLY announces via Twitter that the new Legend of Zelda game they’ve been working on will be the focus of this year’s E3 AND will be releasing in 2017 on both the Wii U and the NX simultaneously… as the screenshot shows.

First of all, I must say this is very exciting news for Zelda fans (such as myself) and Wii U owners alike. The game has been long-awaited ever since the Wii U was launched. The launch saw Wind Waker HD to tide us over. Hyrule Warriors bought them some time to keep working on the game. Twilight Princess HD stood in as Nintendo’s way of saying, “Please hold. Your call is very important to us.” Now it’s finally announced and it’s so easy to be overly excited about all the possibilities of true new Zelda game. However, it’s also sitting on some shaky ground.

The delays and lack of information, skirted by the spin-offs and remakes, have brought up a lot of concern. We first saw footage in 2014 at E3 that suggested a lot of work was done on the project. The following year they were mysteriously silent on the topic. Then a Nintendo Direct announced the game would be coming out in 2016. And NOW it’s announced for 2017 for both systems. Can we expect it to stay this time? Or will it be pushed back again? My confidence is shaken.

Not to mention the fact that we know very little about the NX, though this will most likely be covered in the upcoming E3 as well. What will it be? How will it work alongside the Wii U? How will it be better? Will there be backwards compatibility? So many questions about the system leave me wondering how the two versions will differ, which will be better, and how this will all work functionally. If it gets delayed more, will it end up as solely an NX release? And what else will be thrown in to keep us busy while waiting for THAT delay if it happens?

The saddest truth is that it’s too little too late. It’s (hopefully) coming, but it’s coming at the premature end of the console’s lifespan. Production of the Wii U is being halted, and after the quick abandonment of the online services of the previous DS and Wii shortly into the Wii U and 3DS lifespan I can only assume that these current services will be shut down relatively soon as well. They might not, but it would once again push the new tech for the services like before. So is it even worth getting the Wii U version if that system is already on the way out of relevance already? It’s all setting up for lots of questions and scary possibilities.

With all of the worry addressed… I’m still excited. I don’t even have a Wii U yet, but I still want to see this game. I want to buy this game. I want to play this game? Why? Because I’m a huge Nintendo fan and a huge Zelda fan. I’m sure it’ll be great. It might even be a totally new experience like we’ve never seen before. Hell, it might even be worth the wait. Regardless of all the missteps and bad vibes, I still am genuinely excited to see what this new Legend of Zelda game has to offer. What do you think? What would you like to see? Which system will you be getting it for? Leave it in the comments! Oh, and I did a rant on it over here if you’d like more entertainment value than reading my boring thoughts.

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