Video Games & Music (Shameless Plug)

All of us here love video games, and many of us are also inspired by them in many ways. One of the ways I’ve been influenced is musically. I’ve noticed there are lots of different kinds of video game music. Some of it is taken from pre-existing musicians, other times it is made to sound as real as possible, and classically it is arranged in complex compositions. Whatever the form, video game music has worked its way into my own music making. So below are some video game related things that I’ve done with my incredibly limited musical skills.

First up is a song I did on my most recent album. It’s about all these remakes and remasters coming out. It also came out of the frustration of all these remakes being barely altered versions of games that were great to start with and didn’t really need to be remade. I thought it turned out pretty good.

Next we have a song inspired by my large number of hours put into playing Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition as well as Duke Nukem 64 from my youth. And a little bit of Duke Nukem Forever. It’s just a little celebration of my Duke Nukem mood, and it actually all came out surprisingly well with the lyrics, even if the general feel of the song might not fit that well with the source material. Oh well.

This simply titled song is really just inspired by my love of the Nintendo 64. It’s just naming N64 games really… but… you’ll get the references. Gotta play ’em all!

Another one inspired by the N64, with a bit of a trick title that is given away by the picture a bit… but… it’s also there for listening.

This one was conjured up by a stuffed Donkey Kong toy and the fabric case for the game Bananagrams. I put the two together on a shelf for a while and decided to make up a ridiculous song with them. And of course, rapping about DK is historically a great idea. So my horrible rapping skills meet my terrible musical talent to form one of the worst ideas I’ve ever gone through with. Enjoy.

This song captures the pure sorrow I felt when the N64 left not only the main stores, but the used game stores in my area as well. It seemed it was just completely gone for a few years before it became retro and before retro gaming was as much of a thing. They were sad, lonely times. Perhaps there’s too much emotion here… but I felt it.

This one… sucks. BUT, it’s based on my mage character, that I named Rizar, in Champions of Norrath: Realms of Everquest on PS2. I powered up his frost shot spell the most right away so… it came into my head and I made it a thing. This is in my earlier phase getting back into making music so sorry for it… sucking.

This is an entire album I made to sound like NES chiptune music. However, I have no sequencing equipment or any programs to make it more authentic sounding. It’s just me trying to naturally loop stuff manually. Some of it can be cool if you’re into that kind of thing. The art is neat at least, eh?

Generation is a collection of my best musical creations in the Playstation game MTV Music Generator. I placed all the notes and such, but the samples of said instruments are preloaded. So I’m not stealing riffs or anything. I still composed the stuff. So how much more video game related can my music get beyond just being music made IN a video game!? Check it!

Another tune from the game mentioned above. However, this was part of a project that… is mixed with other stuff so I’m just posting this one alone because it’s awesome and also because it’s the most like an actual song. It reminds me of something out of Jet Force Gemini.

Here’s a song from many years ago when my brother and I were younger and still were having fun making our own music stuff on cassettes. This song focuses on the protagonist of Donkey Kong. Keep in mind the band’s name, as we did understand that we were dumb and bad at crafting music.

Another song from out youth. This one is about Bowser and sports some obvious music from the classic NES Mario games. Pretty impressive considering that little toy keyboard was small and could only sustain two notes at a time.

This above link leads to Seth Lilly’s channel. He’s my brother, but don’t let that fool you. He’s actually GOOD at making music. He does some covers as well as original music. He often uses programs to create music with video game type quality. Like NES or N64 sounding music? Here’s the place. And maybe if he gets some more attention he might just post some more stuff, eh? It’s worth a shot as he’s far better than myself. Just don’t tell him I told you to go there. It’s a secret to everybody.

And hey, if you do some video game music then feel free to share some in the comments, will ya? I hope this will be a fun little thing for us all to enjoy… other wise it just looks like I promoted myself for selfish reasons. Don’t make me look bad!

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