Its your last chance in new school

Its your last chance in new school is a visual novel computer game available on Steam. Please note that the typo and lack of capitalization in the title are taken from what I’ve seen via Steam and not an accident on my part, though I’m sure the rest of the mistakes in the review will be my own.The story is fairly simple. You’re a kid in a new school that aspires to be cool and get with all of the women. That’s pretty much it. The gameplay is pretty much like any other visual novel. You read text boxes in various locations with various characters and every now and then you get to make a decision on what to do next. Pretty standard stuff for the genre. I really wish there was more to preface this, but that’s about all I can do without spoiling plot points.

This game does have a few positives, but I’m unsure how intentional they are. The biggest one for me was the way the entire game is written. It was probably all done by someone that doesn’t speak English as their native language, if they even know how to speak it at all. It’s possible it’s just done intentionally, but it seems like genuine poor translation. This on top of spelling errors, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and just plain formatting errors makes it a great laugh if you’re into how absurd it sounds. Not to mention that some of the things being expressed are bizarre to begin with. The game is also fairly short with the ability to save, and it only has two different endings as far as I could find. It all technically works too, so you won’t have to deal with crashes or anything during an overly long experience or anything like that. I think that because this game was most likely a genuine attempt that was just poorly done by someone with limited skills in these fields (possibly a beginner) it actually comes off as more funny than lazy or cheap. So it’s a good laugh.

However, if that kind of thing doesn’t tickle your funny bone, then this game is pretty bad. The poor translation and all the errors might just get on your nerves. The game doesn’t appear to have any sound whatsoever. The character models are done in an art style that does bring their age into question, which also brings up the question of how appropriate this game is. There are no settings to mess with either. You can start a game or load a game and that’s about it. No resolution settings, sound settings, not even a story skip feature to pass by things you’ve already done. Of course, there’s only one real branching path in the game to get you a different sequence at the end. If you choose the incorrect option at the other decision points then God tells you he’ll give you a second chance and then just proceeds on as if you selected the correct option. Well.. one time it does that. The other time it just puts you back a few boxes of text and lets you choose again so you can keep going in a loop. Why even have these options if only one is right? Why not have consistency on what happens upon a wrong answer? Why does God feel it’s so important to intervene? And if this is supposed to be your last chance in new school, why do you get second ones? And why is there an option box at one point to go home when there’s no other options to pick? It’s like there’s supposed to be more to the game that wasn’t finished. There’s even a whole section that, I swear, every single time I played showed people in places without any text boxes. You just keep clicking through stills until finally it gets to a point where text boxes exist again. This isn’t even early access as far as I could tell. Not the any of the characters seem like actual human beings anyway. Even if this WAS fixed for the language barrier it’d still be an overly simplified set of events that aren’t particularly well-written or interesting. And it ends abruptly as well.

The worst part of this game is the price tag. As of right now, it’s currently about four bucks on Steam. Even if you’re into the humor, it’s not worth that much for the laughs. You could maybe get it on sale, but it’s a 50 cents or less type of recommendation. And since I can’t imagine it getting that cheap that often, I have to say it’s generally not recommended. If you can get it for free or if your friend gives it to you or something, then it’s nice to have laugh. Or even if you get it for your friends for the same reason. Maybe it’ll show up in a bundle or something. It’s just not something worth spending money on in a storefront with all the better options. It was fun laugh to play for free, though. So time spent here is not time wasted.

Also, below is an ASMR playthrough of the game, if you want to see it without actually spending money on the thing… plus hilarious, Sam-Brand comedic banter.

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