Mega Man Week II

A few months ago we had big week of Mega Man reviews featuring the NES titles. Well we’re coming back to the Blue Bomber with seven more reviews, including the Game Boy installments of the original Mega Man and the Game Boy Color Mega Man Xtreme games. It’s more 8-bit Mega Man goodness that many may have overlooked at the time as simple inferior ports. There’s much more here than watered-down distractions. Want to know more? Well stay tuned all week long for a review every day! Be sure to spread the word. Plus, these will be up after this anyway so… ya know… you’re in no rush to get to them right away. They aren’t going anywhere. So just… I mean, do check them out but don’t feel too pressured, alright? We cool? Cool. And here’s some fat dude trying to hype you up about Mega Man in the palm of your hand.

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