Top 5 Mega Man Robot Masters

There a lot of Robot Masters in the Mega Man universe, but everyone has their own personal favorites. Today, I’ll like to talk about some of mine. These are my top 5 favorite Robot Masters from classic Mega Man. Note that I’m not necessarily saying they are the top best but rather just my personal favorites. I’ll be sticking to just original Mega Man and focusing on the design of the Robot Masters as well as their battles. I’m not counting their stages or music or anything, nor am I even really counting their weapons they award you with for winning. So that’s the scope. Hopefully it’s still somewhat interesting. And hey, as you read on, be thinking about your favorites too.

#5 Drill Man


Drill Man has a somewhat interesting design. He’s just made up of drills, and that shit will fuck you up, man. But I think the Drill Man fight is pretty interesting as well. He doesn’t just run or jump like most Robot Masters. He likes to dig down underground and then drill his way back up right under your feet. It’s maybe not the hardest thing to avoid, but it does add a neat element of timing and positioning to this fight that you don’t get from others. And it can be very tense if you have low health and you know one more hit will kill you… and then he goes underground. Time can be quite deceptive while waiting for him to emerge again in that moment. Plus… his drills are very pointy and we all know how well Mega Man handles spikes…

#4 Bomb Man

He’s a classic from the very first Mega Man. He’s kind of a nice one to start on as he seems to take decent damage from your buster, so he’s beginner friendly. Yet he’s not a pushover, because no enemy is in the first Mega Man. You have to be nimble to avoid his bombs as well as his body, making for a high action fight that puts your reflexes to the test. He also just has kind of a neat design. Along with some others, I do like these earlier Robot Masters for their similar size and design when compared to Mega Man himself. It just feels like a more even fight… even if usually it isn’t. It’s just a shame he sounds to close to Bomber Man… because… that can be confusing to the ears.

#3 Bubble Man

Bubble Man doesn’t sound at all intimidating. A robot that shoots bubbles. I mean… are YOU scared of bubbles? Plus, aside from his scuba mask and backpack… thing… he just kind of looks like a pudgy dude wearing flippers. However, he more than makes up for that with his interesting fight. You have to avoid contact with him, of course, as well as dodge his bubbles AND his bullets… all while dealing with the underwater physics! But don’t jump too high or you’ll hit your head on the spikes above and die in an instant. It’s a fight that requires really mastering the underwater controls and getting into the groove of his attacks. So don’t take him too lightly or you’ll be sleeping with the fishes.

#2 Napalm Man

Certainly the coolest sounding name of the explosive-based Robot Masters, Napalm Man also has a pretty slick looking design to make him look like more machine than man. He’s an artificially intelligent tool of destruction made to blow shit up. He shoots bombs all over the damn place with big explosions and also fires off missiles directly toward you. So it creates a dynamic fight that’s more than just repeating one simple pattern… at least a little bit. You’d better know when to jump, slide, and attack or else another super fighting robot will be going around collecting Mega Man parts in the next game.

#1 Knight Man

Alright, so maybe I’m a little biased because I love Mega Man 6 so much, but also… he’s a robotic knight that has a shield and gun that shoots his spiked ball and chain. I don’t see how you can find that to be anything less than awesome. Sure, he’s a pretty easy fight, but you have to make sure you attack during HIS attacks to avoid his shield and… I mean it’s something, right? But mostly he just looks so fucking rad!

Well, those are my top 5 Mega Man Robot Masters. Be sure to leave YOUR favorites in the comments below. And if you’re looking for more Robot Master talk, why not check out the video underneath this to see a video on my bottom 5 Mega Man Robot Masters. You’ve seen the best. You’ve seen the rest. Now let’s look at the ones we detest. Stay Mega and Rock on!

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