Mighty Gunvolt

Mighty Gunvolt is a 2D platforming shooter. The is one of those games that has a story that means nothing more than to set you up to get to the gameplay. You start by choosing a character. Every character can perform a standard jump and shoot. Gunvolt can double jump and by holding the fire button can shoot a continuous arcing beam to damage enemies which can also be controlled while firing. Beck can dash by holding down and hitting jump and by holding and then releasing the attack button he can perform a dash attack, even in the air. Ekoro can hover by hitting jump again in mid-air and her charged projectiles can sometimes turn enemies into familiars to fire extra shots alongside you until they are damaged too much. You play stages in order, unlocking the next by beating the previous. Each stage has you running, jumping, and shooting your way through enemies and over obstacles. There are some pickups for health, extra lives, and points along the way. You can also gain a score multiplier by killing multiple enemies in a row without too long of a pause between. Each stage also ends with a boss encounter. There are some alternate paths you can take. Some may depend on your character’s abilities while other paths will be unreachable with them. Beating all of the main stages will get you to the end of the game. You can also use the warp zone and play an additional set of stages in any order you’d like. Each character plays on the same stages but you must select one for the entire campaign before playing.

It’s actually a pretty neat little game. I like the colorful yet basic 8-bit aesthetic. It almost looks more like a Game Boy Color Mega Man clone than an NES style one, mostly due to the large pixels and resolution. It controls pretty well and some of those bosses are pretty brutal if you don’t understand their patterns. Some of the music is catchy and a few of the stages look pretty cool too. I also think the short nature of the overall campaign makes it more enticing to play with three different characters. You need to change up your playstyle a bit and possibly take different paths as well. So it clearly has some things going for it.

Though I have to admit the stages themselves are a bit on the dull side. They are pretty easy and a tad repetitive with their elements. The ability to get score is pretty meaningless in a game like that. And while it’s interesting to play as the three different characters, the dullness of the stages will really show when you replay them as all the characters with their barely varying mechanics. It ends up feeling kind of underwhelming by the time you’ve completed it.

Mighty Gunvolt is definitely an average Mega Man clone. If you’re looking for some more Mega Man type fun to have, perhaps with a Game Boy Color aesthetic, then this is a good one to grab for five or maybe ten bucks. It’s short enough not to get too bored with, but repetitive enough not to want to replay over and over again after you’ve experienced it all once. I can’t recommend it much outside of those coasting on Mega Man fumes, though. Try to get it when it’s cheap if you can. And play as Beck because… that’s going to be your closest feeling to Mega Man and you know you want it.

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