Jet Force Gemini

Jet Force Gemini is a blending of first-person shooting and 3D platforming elements in a game by Rareware for the Nintendo 64. The Jet Force gets attacked by giant bug soldiers and are forced to abandon their base ship via their smaller, personal ships. You take control of Juno (a guy) and head out in search of your friends Vela (a girl) and Lupus (a dog). On your journey, you learn that the insects that infested your ship are minions of Mizar, a larger, more evil bug that has been causing all kinds of trouble this side of the galaxy. He has even enslaved the Tribals, a bearlike race, to do his work for profit. Can you and your friends save the Tribals and stop Mizar? Continue reading “Jet Force Gemini”

Buck Bumble

Buck Bumble is a flying third-person shooter for the Nintendo 64. The basic story is that a chemical spill has mutated all the bugs in the garden. These evil bugs are now trying to take over. It’s up to the cybernetic bee, Buck Bumble, to stop them and save the day. Continue reading “Buck Bumble”

Duke Nukem: Zero Hour

Duke Nukem: Zero Hour is a third-person shooter for the Nintendo 64. The basic plot is that aliens have started traveling through time to take control of Earth, and once again they’ve been kidnapping our babes. So Duke has to bring his guns and his attitude across different points and places in time in order to save the babes and stop the aliens. Continue reading “Duke Nukem: Zero Hour”