Sakura Spirit

Sakura Spirit is a visual novel made by Winged Cloud. While this is my second review of an installment in this non-linear series, I believe this is the first of them. At any rate, as it was the first one I experienced I will be going over it as such. Continue reading “Sakura Spirit”

Sakura Santa

Sakura Santa is a visual novel by Winged Cloud for computers, available on Steam. The reason I’m reviewing this is because it is available on Steam in the context that it is, in fact, a game. As this is the first one I’m talking about in the Sakura series, I guess I should explain a little bit about the series in general. Basically, this is an ongoing series of visual novel games, not necessarily related to one another, that seem to rely heavily on sexualized anime women and suggestive situations. Continue reading “Sakura Santa”