Mega Man IV

Mega Man IV is the fourth Mega Man installment on the Game Boy, so I’m going to assume you’re up to speed on the Game Boy series by the point or at least the main NES series before reading on. You’ve been warned. And hey, this one actually lets me start with a bit of plot! Continue reading “Mega Man IV”

Top 10 Zelda Games

It’s time to do my first ever written top 10 list. Today I’ll be listing my favorite Legend of Zelda games for you all and explaining my rankings. Keep in mind that these are MY top 10 FAVORITE Zelda games and not necessarily the top 10 best ones. Feel free to share your own opinions on your own favorites and why you agree or disagree with my placements. I’ve loved this series for years. It’s my favorite game series because it combines exploration, action, puzzles, and progression all into one interest package. Continue reading “Top 10 Zelda Games”