Gamer V Portable

This review is going to be a little different than the ones I usually do. Instead of reviewing a game for a system, I’ll be reviewing all of the built-in games on the Gamer V Portable handheld system. It’s just a standalone handheld device released by dreamGEAR. If you’d like to hear more about the system in general you can check out the video below. However, to keep that video shorter I decided to talk about the system itself rather than all of the games specifically. Why? Because there are 220 built-in games on this bad boy, which would make for an overly-long video. Instead, I’ll be going through each game in order of appearance and reviewing them one by one as I go. Maybe bookmark this article to read in chunks if you’d like. Or just check that video to hear some of the highlights. I can only warn you that I may be referencing previous games in the list if some seem to be variations of the others. If you still think you’re up for it, let’s dig into this crazy collection of games. Continue reading “Gamer V Portable”