Archlion Saga

Archlion Saga is an adequate, easily completable RPG for the Nintendo Switch. Don’t believe me? Just look at the advertising! Their words, not necessarily mine. The idea behind the design is to make an RPG short, simple, but engaging enough to be worth playing. Does it accomplish that goal? Continue reading “Archlion Saga”

Sword of Hope II

Sword of Hope II is a primitive role-playing game for the Game Boy. I assume this is the sequel to Sword of Hope, but I honestly know nothing of the series. I simply picked up this game on the Nintendo eShop on my 3DS because it looked charmingly primitive. And it is. The main story, as I understand it, is that an evil monster which was supposed to be sealed away in the previous game has been let loose and threatens the land once more. It’s up to you, Prince Theo, and your party of heroes to gather the magical orbs and take down the evil beast. Continue reading “Sword of Hope II”