3D Dot Game Heroes

3D Dot Game Heroes is an action adventure game for the Playstation 3. This game is basically a Zelda game for PS3. The gameplay is incredibly similar with tons of references not only to a number of other games but also plenty of direct nods to the Zelda series itself. You play as a hero that has to gather six magical orbs and stop the Dark Bishop in order to restore peace to the land. Continue reading “3D Dot Game Heroes”

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 is a third-person shooter horror game for Windows, Xbox 360, and the Playstation 3. I played the PS3 version a while ago so forgive my lack of details in places. Also, seeing as this is the second game in the series, the story carries over from the first game. You could try to get a synopsis from the in-game movie that recaps the first game, but even then you might be lost. So, if you’re like me, you decided the important thing was shooting monsters and started playing. Continue reading “Dead Space 2”